Pairing Wedding Bands & Engagement - Inspirational Looks


1. Stackable Wedding Bands
Stackable wedding bands are in – and for good reason. It’s a look that’s easy to personalize. It’s a style that can be changed to suit your moods, your outfit, the season and more. It’s also a way to add lots of melee diamonds – and that’s a good thing: The more diamonds on the band, the more diamond sparkle it will have. With so many pluses, it’s no surprise that stackable wedding bands are popular.

2. Rose Gold


Rose gold is a trending wedding band choice. Its warm tones are soothing and serene. Rose gold wedding bands can also make a bold statement when paired with the perennially popular white metals. Another benefit: Rose gold wedding rings complement most skin tones.

3. Vintage


Vintage designs capture the style and glamour of past eras – but have all the excitement that we’ve come to expect from modern creations. Does your engagement ring have a vintage style, like Art Deco, Art Nouveau or Edwardian? Why not carry the style through with your wedding band to create a themed and unified look? Brides-to-be with a taste for things of the past are making this one of the more popular trends for wedding bands.

4. Micro-Pave


Pavé is a setting style where numerous melee diamonds are set into the metal’s surface in a honeycomb pattern, nestled close to the stones next to them. It creates an appearance of uninterrupted diamonds. A field of diamonds is irresistible for its sparkle, and that has made the pavé look one of this year’s hottest trends in wedding bands.